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TATUMBLA HONDURASMunicipios de Honduras. Municipios de Honduras Estos son los departamentos y los municipios de Honduras. Sus cabeceras se pueden indentificar por (*).

Tegucigalpa was founded by Spanish settlers as Real de Minas de San Miguel de Tegucigalpa on September 29, 1578 on the site of an existing native settlement of the Pech, Tolupans and the Twahkas. The first mayor of Tegucigalpa was Juan de la Cueva, who took office in 1579. The Dolores Church (1735), the San Miguel Cathedral (1765), the Casa de la Moneda (1780), and the Immaculate.

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En Honduras existen 298 municipios, organizados administrativamente en 18 departamentos. Estos son:

Honduras is administratively divided into 18 departments which are subdivided into 298 municipalities.Municipalities are the only administrative division in Honduras that possess local government.Each municipality has its own elected mayor as opposed to the appointed governors of departments. For statistical purposes, the municipalities are further subdivided into 3731 aldeas, and.

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